BRUTAL METAL LIVE is an archive of performances from Black Metal & Death Metal bands with comprehensive show information including audio and video downloads where available. In our dark archives you will find setlists, covers, posters, band line-ups, lineage & other related information. This site will be the most comprehensive bootleg archive for the more extreme & brutal metal bands. If you would like more information on this site then you can check out the FAQ & About pages!



What Is Brutal Metal Live Archives?

Brutal Metal Live Archives is a blog dedicated to the bowels of heavy metal bootlegs! On this site we are attempting to put together a comprehensive live archive of Brutal Metal shows. Many archived bootlegs on here will have a download for audio and/or video as well as detailed information about the show such as; band/artists, date, venue, event, city, state, country, taper, filmer, lineage, line-up, setlist and any pertinent notes. You will sometimes also find posters, ticket stubs, covers or other media pertaining to that particular show. We strive to provide the best possible information we can so if you see anything that is incorrect please post a comment on that show or drop us a line!