BRUTAL METAL LIVE is an archive of performances from Black Metal & Death Metal bands with comprehensive show information including audio and video downloads where available. In our dark archives you will find setlists, covers, posters, band line-ups, lineage & other related information. This site will be the most comprehensive bootleg archive for the more extreme & brutal metal bands. If you would like more information on this site then you can check out the FAQ & About pages!



Hopefully this little FAQ that I've put together will answer most questions. If you have a question not on this list you can either comment with it or email me!

How Can I Help Out With The Site?

You can help the site in many ways. You can:

  1. Submit shows we don't have.
  2. Submit actual setlists (not copied from, and other show information that is currently not listed on the site.
  3. Sign up to be a part of our "Panel Of Advisors".  
  4. Make corrections to info that is wrong.
  5. Upgrade any show. 
  6. Supply a lossless version for a lossy sourced show.

What Is Your Panel Of Advisors & How Can I Join?

 The Brutal Metal Live Archive Panel Of Advisors are other metal fans who discuss & vote on what bands/shows are allowed on this site when its called into question. Some bands obviously belong here, but some may fall into this gray area. The ones that possibly fall into that area are the ones that the panel will discuss & vote on. If you would like to be considered for the panel just drop me a line.

How Do I Submit A Show?

To submit a show make sure it meets the criteria and then drop me an email.

What Is The Criteria For Submitting A Show?

Show must contain the following information:
  • BAND/ARTISTS NAME: The band/artist name
  • DATE: Full Date 
  • LOCATION: Venue, Event (if applicable), City, State (if applicable) & Country.
  • LINEAGE/EQUIPMENT: If known the lineage & gear used to capture, tape or film the show. 
  • TAPER/FILMER/CAPTURE: The name or nickname of the person(s) who taped the show if known.
  • LENGTH: The full running time in minutes.
  • SETLIST: The full setlist for the show. 
  • NOTES: Any notes the taper/filmer may of had or made. 

What Shows/Bands Are You Looking For?

We are looking for audio & video shows of brutal metal bands that we currently do not have listed here.  We are looking for bands & shows that fall into the following genres:

  • Black Metal
  • Death Metal
  • Melodic Death Metal
  • Blackened Death Metal
  • Symphonic Black Metal
  • Post-Black Metal
  • Technical Death Metal
  • Symphonic Death Metal
  • Extreme Metal
  • Industrial Death Metal
  • Industrial Black Metal
  • Brutal Death Metal
  • Atmospheric Black Metal

Looking the band up on Encyclopaedia Metallum is a great way to find out what genre the band you wish to submit lies in. If you have a question about a specific band just ask!

How Can I Make A Correction To The Current Info?

If you have a correction for any show on here we welcome it. Please post it in the comment section of that show or email me the info that should be adjusted.

Can I Send MP3/Lossy Sourced Audio Or YouTube Sourced Video?

We prefer that all shows be lossless but we also understand that in some cases it may not be possible to find a current lossless source. For those shows that have no lossless source, lossy sources are ok to send. Please indicate if the show is lossy sourced or in mp3 format. If the show is audio please make sure that you do not submit a lossless file for a lossy sourced show. Be sure to keep the lossy audio shows in mp3 format. If you are submitting YouTube Sourced show, please  submit it in the original format.

Can I Send Another Version Or Upgrade To A Show You Have Listed Already?

Yes! We welcome upgrades and want to have as many versions listed as there are out there of each show!

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